Nighttime Nibbles: Why Horses Need Constant Access To Forage

Most equine owners and caretakers know a horse needs to have something in his stomach almost constantly to avoid issues like colic, ulcers and mental stress. But what about during the night, when he should be asleep? Research shows that horses need something to nibble even when it’s dark out–but the solution isn’t just to […]

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Causes Of Colic: More Than Just Feed Changes

Equine management changes can increase the risk of colic, and it’s not just the changing of feed horse owners and caretakers need to be concerned with: changes in exercise, pasture, water or housing can also up a horse’s risk of gastrointestinal distress. Also, a new study shows that the more caregivers a horse has, the […]

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What Makes Horses Unhappy?

While no scientific studies have been done as to why some farms and living situations make horses anxious and upset, it’s abundantly clear that individual horses tend to care for a specific type of facility and care. While an owner may never be able to pinpoint what caused the horse’s distress, it oftentimes is easier […]

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Mud Management Key To Equine Health And Safety During Wet Weather

An attentive group of equine owners and caretakers gathered at The Red Mile Clubhouse in Lexington, KY, last week to learn how to better care for their farms and their horses during wet weather. The Kentucky Equine Networking Association (KENA) session, presented by the Kentucky Horse Council, hosted a panel of experts who addressed a […]

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Study: New Drug Shows Promise For Managing Equine Insulin Levels

A new study has shown that the drug velagliflozin may be an effective tool for controlling laminitis risk factors in ponies. The drug is capable of managing equine’s insulin dysregulation; current treatment for insulin dysregulation includes restricting pasture and feeding a diet low in non-structural carbohydrates. The research team was led by Dr. Martin Sillence […]

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New Online Tool Helps Farm Workers Stay Safe

Even when managed well, horse farms can be dangerous places, potentially placing both humans and horses in harm’s way. Scandinavian researchers partnered with a Finnish national equine association to create a free, interactive online stable management tool to keep horses and humans as safe as possible, reports The Horse. Constructed and designed by researchers, stable managers […]

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