Are Some Equine Breeds On The Edge Of Extinction?

Genetic erosion is a concerning topic for all facets of the livestock industry, including horses. Selective breeding for high-yielding food and fiber results in economic values for some livestock; in horses, selective breeding is not done for these reasons, but for competitive advantage or specifics like color, temperament or size, says Cliff Williamson of the […]

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FL Livestock Travel Requirements Suspended In Preparation For Hurricane Dorian Impact

Each state in the United States has health inspection requirements for livestock traveling across its borders. With the impending landfall of Hurricane Dorian, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Animal Industry, has suspended these requirements to allow for the transport of animals out of the hurricane’s path. Effective Immediately The Florida […]

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UK Agricultural Meteorologist Warns Of Livestock Heat Stress Dangers Through Weekend

It’s already hot outside, but University of Kentucky agricultural meteorologist Matthew Dixon said it’s about to get even hotter over the weekend, and livestock producers and horse owners need to do what they can to minimize animal stress. “Much of the state is under an excessive heat warning through Sunday evening,” Dixon said. “We expect […]

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Bureau Of Land Management Sued Over Plans For Wild Horse Removal

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was sued by wild horse advocates regarding a plan to remove wild horses from land in rural Nevada. The plaintiffs include Western Watersheds Project, American Wild Horse Campaign, The Cloud Foundation and land owner Laura Cunningham. The plaintiffs claim the planned removal violates a 40-year-old federal law. Approved in […]

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New Livestock Transportation Laws: AHC Requests Delay In Electronic Logging Device Mandate

Over the past months the American Horse Council (AHC) has reached out to the equine community to determine the potential impact of the upcoming Electronic Logging Device mandate. Based on the information received the AHC, in collaboration with the rest of the animal agriculture community, has requested the Department of Transportation (DOT) grant a one-year […]

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Kentucky House Approves ‘Imperative’ Bill Classifying Horses As Livestock

The Kentucky House of Representatives Wednesday unanimously passed Senate Bill 139, which would amend the definition of livestock in Kentucky to include horses and equines. The bill now moves to Governor Matt Bevin for his signature. Securing livestock classification has been among the top policy priorities of the Kentucky Equine Education Project since its 2004 […]

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Kentucky Senate Agriculture Committee Passes Bill To Designate Equines As Livestock

The Kentucky Senate Agriculture Committee today unanimously passed a bill that would designate equines as livestock, an action that if approved will provide tremendous benefit the entire horse industry. Securing livestock classification of horses and equine has been among the top policy priorities of the Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP), since being founded in 2004. […]

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‘Domesticated Horse’ Terminology Eradicated, Now Dubbed Livestock; Wild Horse Enthusiasts Concerned

The Senate Conservation Committee recently passed a bill that eliminates the classification of “domesticated horse,” a move that concerns wild horse enthusiasts. Horses are now lumped into the “livestock” category, but there are exemptions for Spanish Colonial horses and for a “wild horse,” which is defined as an “unclaimed horse without obvious brands or other evidence of […]

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