Change In Gut Bacteria Linked To Equine Weight Gain

Researchers have found that bacteria in the equine gut declined as horses gained weight. Drs. Katharina Langner, Dominique Blaue, Carola Schedlbauer, Janine Starzonek, Veronique Julliand and Ingrid Vervuert created a study that examined the manure of 10 Shetland ponies and 10 Warmblood horses that were fed up to twice their daily energy requirements. The two-year […]

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Is It Laminitis Or Cold Weather Hoof Pain?

Cold weather can trigger a laminitis-like syndrome in horses that are laminitic, complete with pain and a “saw horse stance,” where the horse stretches his front legs out in front of him to alleviate pressure on his toe and pushes his hind feet underneath him to support his weight. The only things missing are a […]

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Hoof Rings And Ridges: What’s The Difference?

Horse hooves that have rings and ridges can provide clues into a horse’s health history. Though it’s not uncommon for hooves to have cracks, chips or flares, these imperfections are more common on horses that don’t receive routine farrier care. More subtle changes in the hoof wall, like horizontal rings and ridges, offer a clue […]

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Potentially Deadly: Acorn Toxicity In Horses

A 2015 study from England followed nine horses over a nine-year period that were suspected of becoming ill after eating acorns. Five of the horses presented with shock and bloody diarrhea—all five of those horses either died or were euthanized. The other four horses had colic and diarrhea; three of those survived and the fourth […]

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Five Management Strategies To Help A Horse Live Longer

The way a horse is managed throughout his life has a direct impact on how long he lives. With proper care that includes disease prevention, parasite control, routine dental care and others, a horse has a good chance of living well into his twenties or even longer, reports EQUUS. Poor mobility, founder, and the inability […]

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Painful Hooves In Cold Weather? This May Be Why

Most horse owners and caretakers are familiar with the very identifiable stance a Cushings horse will adopt in an effort to decrease the amount of pressure on his painful feet. What is not as familiar to many equine enthusiasts is the foot pain laminitic horse can experience based solely on winter weather. Horses with foot […]

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In The Stud Presented By Kentucky Equine Research: Bal A Bali, First Weanlings Of 2019

It takes an incredible horse to become a multiple Grade 1 winner, and it takes one with an iron constitution to survive a bout of laminitis. The fact that Bal a Bali did the former after surviving the latter makes him practically one-of-a-kind. In this edition of In The Stud, Jak Knelman of Calumet Farm […]

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Grade 1 Winner Delta Prince Euthanized At Age Six

Grade 1 winner Delta Prince, an Adena Springs homebred, was euthanized at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital on Friday, Oct. 25, following complications associated with laminitis and renal failure subsequent to an incident of colic. Set to join the Adena Springs Kentucky stallion roster for 2020, Delta Prince enjoyed a stellar racing career, earning $1,174,170 […]

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New Stall Assists Neurologic Equines At Virginia Tech’s Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center

An updated and expanded neurologic stall has been gifted to the Virginia Tech’s Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center (EMC) in memory of a beloved patient of the center. Just Java, owned by Karen Jones Squires and James Squires, succumbed to laminitis in 2015. The stall has been named the “Just Java” Neurologic Stall. The new stall […]

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