Equine Injuries: A Honey-Do List

Horses are notoriously accident prone, injuring themselves on seemingly inconspicuous items and requiring a vet visit to close the ensuing wound. While suturing an injury can lead to more-rapid healing, the breakdown of the suture line is not uncommon. Lower limbs repairs are especially prone to this breakdown as intense pressure is put on the […]

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In Focus: Equine Eye Injuries

An equine eye injury always warrants a call to the veterinarian, whether it looks serious or not; at times an eye issue may not seem serious, but it can quickly escalates into a massive issue, which could include loss of vision in the affected eye. Horses are hardwired for stoicism, so they may not let […]

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Group Therapy: Why Turnout Time Is Imperative For Equines

While turning a horse out with his friends in a pasture can make some owners anxious, it’s important for a horse’s physical and mental health. There are some management methods that can be used to ensure he is as safe as possible while turned out with a herd. Turnout is beneficial for horses because it […]

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Tiny Plastic Fibers Could Be The Key To Injury Healing In Horses

Tiny plastic fibers one-hundredth the width of a human hair have made it easier for veterinarians to repair hard-to-heal wounds in horses. The nanofibers are woven together to form a scaffold that is used to bridge the gap between the wound’s edges and enable the horse’s cells to fill in the gap, healing the wound […]

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