Racing Integrity’s Newest Threat: Human Designer Drugs?

It’s no secret the challenge of post-race drug testing has always been keeping regulators one step ahead of those who use illegal drugs or illegally manipulate medication. But with the advent of Internet sales and bitcoin, one laboratory director fears his job, and that of racing commissions everywhere, is about to get a lot more […]

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World Health Organization Weighs In On International Ketamine Control

The Expert Committee on Drug Dependency, part of the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that ketamine, a medication commonly used during anesthesia to produce and maintain a loss of consciousness, not be placed under international control, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. This is not the first time such a recommendation has been handed […]

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Equine Anesthetic May Offer Hope To Depressed Humans

Ketamine, long used as an equine sedative, has recently been used as a both a painkiller and a treatment for depression in humans. If it works as researchers feel it should, ketamine will become the first drug to stop suicidal tendencies, with the potential to save many lives. Developed in 1962, Ketamine is primarily used […]

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Veterinarians Fighting Reclassification Of Anesthesia Drug

Veterinarians are fighting a proposed reclassification of the drug ketamine by the World Health Organization (WHO), saying that additional international controls over the availability of the drug could make it difficult for them to use it in clinical practice. The WHO plans to discuss ketamine’s classification during a Nov. 16-20 meeting in Geneva and is […]

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