The Heat Is On And Hard For Some Racehorses

Exertional heat illness (EHI) in competition horses is becoming more prevalent as temperatures rise across the globe. Affected horses may kick out randomly, shake their head, paw or be reluctance to move. Horses affected with EHI may take longer to recover after exercise, breathe rapidly, sweat profusely and hav a rapid heartrate for longer than […]

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Handling The Heat: A Hot Topic At Kentucky Equine Networking Association Dinner 

A diverse group of equine enthusiasts escaped the high temperatures in Lexington, KY, for an air-conditioned evening attending the summer session of the Kentucky Equine Networking Meeting (KENA). Presented by the Kentucky Horse Council and held at The Red Mile Clubhouse, a panel of horse-care experts gathered to discuss a topic that has been at […]

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Test Event To Provide Guidelines For Olympic Equine Athletes

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo pose a unique challenge to equestrian sport: the climate. Notoriously hot and humid, the welfare of the competing equine athletes is of great concern to the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI), the governing body of international horse sport. To help anticipate potential issues and to ensure the safety of the horses […]

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What Are Symptoms, Treatments For Heat Stroke In Horses?

Heat stroke in horses occurs when a horse is asked to exert a lot of energy in excessively hot or humid conditions. In this type of weather, a horse cannot lose body heat rapidly enough to cool himself off and his temperature can rise rapidly. Also called hyperthermia, this condition is considered an emergency and […]

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Woodbine Cancels Friday Card, Will Monitor Heat Wave Before Saturday Decision

Due to high heat, humidity and extreme weather in the Toronto area, Woodbine Entertainment announced today that its Thoroughbred race card for Friday, July 19 has been cancelled. Woodbine Entertainment’s Thoroughbred Racing Department is continuing to monitor the unsettled weather in the area and will announce its decision by 8:15 a.m. tomorrow morning if Saturday’s […]

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Fighter-Jet Technology To Help Traveling Equines

Fighter-jet technology will be used to help British Equestrian Federation competition horses travel in safety and comfort. The Equus-Sense Unit, made by BAE Systems, allows for the monitoring of temperature, dust level, sound, humidity and oxygen in equine compartments; it’s believed that the ability to monitor these things will help mitigate their impact on horses, […]

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Summer Brings New Health Considerations For Horses

Summer is a busy time of year for many horse owners, whether they are racing, showing, trail riding or simply enjoying their equine companions. The Horse recently published a list of health and safety considerations for horses in warm weather: Heat exhaustion: While a common concern for people out in the heat of the day, heat exhaustion […]

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