How To Keep Horses Safe During Temperature Swings

In their natural state, horses are quite adaptable to large temperature swings. However, when humans alter their environment or move them from one climate to another, they could have difficulty handling diverse weather. When horses are allowed to adjust gradually to temperature changes, they rarely have issues, reports The Horse. It’s the rapid swings in […]

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Handling The Heat: A Hot Topic At Kentucky Equine Networking Association Dinner 

A diverse group of equine enthusiasts escaped the high temperatures in Lexington, KY, for an air-conditioned evening attending the summer session of the Kentucky Equine Networking Meeting (KENA). Presented by the Kentucky Horse Council and held at The Red Mile Clubhouse, a panel of horse-care experts gathered to discuss a topic that has been at […]

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UK Agricultural Meteorologist Warns Of Livestock Heat Stress Dangers Through Weekend

It’s already hot outside, but University of Kentucky agricultural meteorologist Matthew Dixon said it’s about to get even hotter over the weekend, and livestock producers and horse owners need to do what they can to minimize animal stress. “Much of the state is under an excessive heat warning through Sunday evening,” Dixon said. “We expect […]

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Stripes May Help Zebras Handle The Heat

The stripes on zebra coats may do more than just assist with fly control: They may help control body temperature, new research shows. Small-scale convection currents created between the stripes aid evaporation and the zebra’s ability to erect the hair on their black stripes also helps with heat loss. Former biology technician Alison Cobb and […]

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Busted: Leaving Water On A Horse Won’t Make Him Hotter

While the majority of equine owners and caretakers know that hosing a horse is a quick way to cool him off, many still believe that the water must be scraped from the horse’s body to reduce his temperature; they feel that not removing the excess water will actually make the horse hotter. Dr. David Marlin, […]

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Debunking The Mare Myth To Help Ensure Female Welfare

The stereotype of mares being bossy and difficult may make some potential horse owners overlook them as mounts, a new study shows. Doctoral student Kate Fenner, along with her team of Georgina Caspar, Michelle Hyde, Navneet Dhand, Paul McGreevy, Cathrynne Henshall, Fiona Probyn-Rapsey, Andrew McLean and Katherine Dashper believe that this gender bias may jeopardize […]

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Horses: Some Like It Hot; Others Don’t

Warm weather is already arriving in some parts of the country and while most horses are able to exert energy without worry during the hot and humid weather, other horses struggle. Fitness and conditioning can help a horse’s cardiovascular system move heat from the muscles to the skin, where the heat is evaporated from sweat […]

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