Sleeping Is Serious Business: Mammal Size, Shape And Length All At Play

There are a variety of factors that affect how mammals lie down, including the size of the animal, its length, its body shape and the type of digestive system it uses. Cows and other animals that chew their cud, like sheep and deer, don’t lie down often and lie mainly on their sides so their […]

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Stripes Help Keep Biting Insects At Bay

Biting insects have a difficult time landing on animals that have zebra stripes, a joint study between the University of California, Davis, and the University of Bristol in England has shown. The findings, which were published in PLOS ONE, support the hypothesis that the stripes on Africa’s three species of zebra helped deter biting insects. […]

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Bad Bobby! Trainer Jamie Osborne’s Whippet An ‘Accidental Sensation’

Jumps-jockey-turned-Thoroughbred-trainer Jamie Osborne had a more exciting morning than he planned on January 28, when his female dog took off down the gallops, chasing a line of racehorses led by Toast of New York. Osborne then delighted the Twitter-verse with video evidence of the incident: I am afraid we had a dog malfunction this morning! […]

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Opinion: Euthanasia A Better Option Than Sale For Older, Infirm Equines

It can be seen every day, in all formats of social media, equine classifieds, flyers in tack shops and more: “Beloved, unrideable horse free to a good home.” Carol Phillips, writing for Horse & Hound, questions if posts like these are truly in the best interest of the horse. While she acknowledges that life circumstance […]

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American Horse Council’s National Issues Forum Capitalizes On Industry Data, Opportunities

On Tuesday, June 12th, attendees of the American Horse Council’s (AHC) 2018 National Issues Forum, sponsored by Luitpold Animal Health, gathered to learn more about the theme of “Let’s Capitalize On It!” With a variety of speakers from different trades, attendees gained valuable insight as to how the horse industry can learn from other industries, […]

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Purina Launches Site To Reconnect Owners With Former Horses

Every horse rider or owner has that one horse they will never forget. Between sales, barn moves and life changes, it’s easy to lose track of a horse and become separated from our beloved partners. In honor of the bonds that can’t be broken and the horses we won’t forget, Purina Animal Nutrition has launched […]

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U.S. Senate Committee Takes A Stand To Protect Horses And Burros

The United States Senate Appropriations Committee passed the FY19 Agriculture Appropriations bill with a provision to maintain the ban on the slaughter of horses and burros for human consumption on U.S. soil. The provision bars spending by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to inspect horse slaughterhouses, saving millions of taxpayer dollars, and effectively banning horse slaughter […]

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UC Davis Releases Guidelines For Horses Exposed To Wildfire Smoke

The severe fires throughout California over the past three months have exposed humans and animals to unhealthy air containing wildfire smoke and particulates. Smoke is made up of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, soot, hydrocarbons and other organic substances including nitrogen oxides and trace minerals. The composition of smoke depends on what is burned. In […]

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Horses Graze On Top Of Their Stable At Argentina Polo Farm

A farm in Argentina is taking a new approach to grazing their horses. Architecture firm Estudio Ramos designed a modern stale that not only boasts clean lines and an open-air concept, but a seeded roof, allowing horses to graze from above. Located in La Pampa in central Argentina, Figueras Stable is owned by professional polo […]

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