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Ask Your Veterinarian Presented By Equistro: Will CBD Oil Help My Horse?

In our Ask Your Veterinarian series, we bring your questions to the practitioners of Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Ky., and they provide answers. Got a question you want to see in this series? Email info at  QUESTION: There are lots of new products on the pet/equine markets touting the benefits of CBD […]

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Too Much of a Good Thing: When Extra Nutrients Become Harmful To Horses

Many owners feel they are depriving their horses if they aren’t feeding them a bunch of supplements. “If a little is good, a lot is better” is often the philosophy, with the reasoning being a horse will simply release extra nutrients in waste with no harm done. Experts say this is a common misconception and […]

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Should You Feed Your Horse Probiotics? Jury’s Still Out

As medicine trends more than ever toward natural treatments, scientists are taking a closer look at the digestive system’s impact on health, for humans and horses. The gut hosts an array of microbes that digest food to produce energy, vitamins, and other substances that benefit the body, while maintaining a balance between beneficial and harmful […]

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To Supplement Or Not To Supplement, That Is The Question

The shelves of almost any tack and equipment shop are lined with feed supplements, promising to help owners balance their horses’ diets. But do most horses really need supplements to get the proper amounts of trace minerals? The answer is complicated, according to a recent report by The Horse. The average horse in little or average […]

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FDA Issues Warning Letters to Three Makers of Horse ‘Supplements’

The Food and Drug Administration issued letters to a trio of Florida-based companies associated with products the agency claims have been wrongly branded as supplements. The warning letters were issued to the heads of, Horse Gold, Inc., and Tri-Star Equine on Oct. 29. is accused of marketing a number of products as supplements […]

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