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Through the Eyes of a Newcomer: Triple Crown Fever

This week, we debut a series that shares insights from the perspective of someone who is just learning the sport of horse racing. Bill Rawlings is a relative newcomer to the game and will be touring the United States this year as the driver for the America’s Best Racing RV. Rawlings brings us his stories from the road […]

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Editorial: Racing Isn’t Dying, Just Regrouping

While news items about the ever-impending death of horse racing grow in popularity, David Hill writes for The Classical that the sport is simply going through a transformation. Hill, who is part of the NTRA’s America’s Best Racing initiative, notes that at least one of the articles dismissing racing’s attempt at raking in new fans failed […]

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Where Have All the New Fans Gone? Answer Is Not So Simple, Says Zimmerman

Television executive Amy Zimmerman believes that the root cause of a reduction in new fans of horse racing (a problem, she points out, which was highlighted in newsreels as much as 60 years ago) is a removal of society from the horse. As society relies less and less on animals outside of companionship, a lack […]

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Simulcast Conference to Tackle On-Track Customer Experience

The three-day 21st annual International Simulcast Conference in Lexington, Ky., will commence at 2:00 p.m. Monday, Oct. 7, with a series of sessions devoted to the urgent need to improve and enhance the customer experience at tracks and simulcast facilities. The current buzzword is transformative social experiences. With all sports – even the NFL – […]

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‘Racing is Cool’: America’s Best Racing Tour Exceeding Expectations

You might have caught a glimpse of America’s Best Racing’s brightly-colored RV at the Kentucky Derby, or stopped by the display to pilot an Equicizer along with other revelers on The Hill at Keeneland’s April meet. But if you’re not part of the twentysomething party crowd, chances are you haven’t encountered the ABRV or one […]

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Keeneland ‘Betologists’ Meeting with Rave Reviews

This season’s Keeneland meet introduced a dozen young people wearing green vests and tan fedoras with buttons reading “Ask me about betting.” These are the track’s ‘betologists’ who mingle in the crowd and are stationed trackside to answer any and all questions about how to wager. So far, patrons seem pleased with the free service. […]

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‘Dear Racing Fan’: An Open Letter to the Racing Industry

With the Triple Crown season kicking into high gear, The Jockey Club and America’s Best Racing today issued an open letter to the Thoroughbred racing industry. The letter encourages racing fans to spread the word about upcoming racing telecasts, follow news and features about the sport on the America’s Best Racing website, and participate in […]

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Blog: Two easy ways to get more people involved in racing

A recent blog by West Point Thoroughbreds’ Shannon Castagnola suggested two easy ways for regular track-goers to get the general public more involved in horse racing. As a resident of Lexington, Kentucky, Castagnola is accustomed to talking to people outside the industry who are aware what and where Keeneland is thanks to its well-attended boutique […]

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Three Chimneys presents Good News Friday: ‘Go Baby Go’ for a New Generation

When America’s Best Racing launched last spring, it was met with a mixture of cautious optimism, jaded skepticism, and bewilderment. After all, it seemed racing had tried everything to create new fans and wedge itself back into the mainstream sports and entertainment consciousness, and more often than not, those efforts had found little traction. But […]

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