Different Perspectives Discussed at American Horse Council National Meeting

The American Horse Council (AHC) Annual Meeting and National Issues Forum, held June 9-12, 2019, provided a wealth of information and ideas from different perspectives on how the equine industry can grow and how AHC members can continue to work together. Attendees were treated to insights ranging from cutting-edge topics designed to help equine athletes […]

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Group Therapy: Why Turnout Time Is Imperative For Equines

While turning a horse out with his friends in a pasture can make some owners anxious, it’s important for a horse’s physical and mental health. There are some management methods that can be used to ensure he is as safe as possible while turned out with a herd. Turnout is beneficial for horses because it […]

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The Tail Tale: An External Indicator Of Equine Health

A horse’s tail can be a great indicator of a his overall health: it should hang straight down and shift from side to side as he moves. A horse that holds his tail to one side could be indicating a loss of motion in the sacrum joint or in the tissues surrounding it. A chiropractor […]

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Hit Snooze: Sleep-Deprived Horses May Have Harder Time Learning, Competing

  While the effects of poor sleep on human’s mental and physical health has been studied intently in the past decade, the effect of poor sleep on horses has not been nearly as widely researched. However, in completed studies, poor sleep is showing its effects in equine competition results and in rider safety. While horses […]

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The Heat Is On: Keeping Horses Safe As Temperatures Rise

For many horse owners, rising temperatures mean more time at the barn to ride, care for or just hang out with their horses. However, as the temperatures rise, so do the challenges of keeping horses safe. Dr. Robert Stenbom, DVM, Senior Equine Professional Services Veterinarian at Boehringer Ingelheim, offered these tips to Horse Channel to┬ákeep […]

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