Expert: Chronic Incorrect Trimming And Shoeing Cause May Navicular Issues In Horses

Dr. Robert Bowker, podiatry research at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, believes that incorrect trimming and shoeing methods, as well as environmental factors, lead to damage of the frog and digital cushion early in a horse’s life. Both of these structures protect the navicular bone, so when they are compromised, damage to the […]

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Clean Up Your Act To Prevent Thrush

Thrush is an infection in the sole of a horse’s hoof that can be severe enough to cause lameness. Thrush is extremely common and is not always indicative of damp or muddy equine housing: Thrush can be found in horses that live in dry environments if their hooves are not cleaned regularly–dirt and debris pack […]

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Three Steps To Thwart Thrush In Horses’ Hooves

When the ground is wet and muddy, horses’ hooves don’t get a chance to dry out and firm up, often leading┬áto a bacterial infection called thrush. Thrush, which thrives in wet, unsanitary conditions, affects the frog of the horse’s hoof. Often the ailment is noticed by a strong odor and a dark, crumbly substance in […]

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