Some Ancient Equines Were Couch Potatoes

A study from the University of Cincinnati has shown that prehistoric horses in North America didn’t migrate for food or water like Mongolian wild horses and Plains zebras did. The research used geochemical analysis of fossil teeth to prove that the Florida landscape provided everything the horses could need in a small geographic area nearly 5 […]

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One-Toed Wonder: Why Horses Rely On Only One Digit

How the horse evolved from the multi-toed animal of ancient times to the one-toed, hooved equine we are familiar with today is being investigated by scientists, and their findings are intriguing. While the earliest equids were the size of dogs, they had three toes on their front legs and four toes behind; it has been […]

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Do Unicorns Exist? Fossil Suggests They Did Once

A fossilized skull has been found in Kazakhstan that is making paleontologists reconsider the timeline of the Siberian Unicorn (Elasmotherium sibiricum). The Siberian Unicorn doesn’t really match the image that most people conjure in their heads of the fairytale unicorn, closely resembling a rhino moreso than a horse. Thought to have disappeared 350,000 years ago, the Siberian Unicorn […]

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