Three Chimneys presents Good News Friday: Three Years of Ray Paulick

A few weeks and three years ago, I chose to take a leap of faith and agreed to partner with a guy I didn’t know working in an industry that had about a half of one percent of my annual attention. The journey officially began three years ago yesterday. And it has been one of […]

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GOOD NEWS FRIDAY sponsored by Liberation Farm: ONE YEAR OF GOOD NEWS!

By Bradford Cummings When I first started working with Ray on the Paulick Report, we both were prepared for this upstart publication to not last through the fall of 2008 especially after the market fell so drastically. There’s nothing like launching a new web business a month before the largest recession in 25-50 years.   […]

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PRESS RELEASE, a website which enables fans and industry participants to follow the development of young Thoroughbreds and sales horses, has incorporated Equibase Virtual Stable® notifications to further assist users in tracking named juvenile horses, it was announced today by Drew Rayman, founder of foaltrack. “As yearlings turn two, get named, start breezing, […]

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GOOD NEWS FRIDAY sponsored by Liberation Farm – FACEBOOK FOR HORSES

By Bradford Cummings Every day, it becomes increasingly clear our future as an industry will be wrapped up in our ability to adapt to the Internet Age. For most institutions, this transition is a seamless one. But for a sport where the centerpiece carries such an emotional connection to the consumer, the Thoroughbred industry’s […]

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