Tall Fescue Risk Measured Through Field And Manure Measurements

Tall fescue is a name that can evoke fear in many horse owners. Some of this fear is rightfully earned, some of it undue and some of it not sufficient. In Kentucky, late May through June is when we see tall fescue growing most rapidly, producing seed for next year and potentially causing the greatest […]

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Horse That Survived Shooting Spree In KY Gives Birth

In 2019, more than 20 horses were shot and killed in Floyd and Pike Counties in Eastern Kentucky. Multiple other horses were found in the same area; many were in need of food and veterinary care. These horses were taken in by the Kentucky Humane Society and other equine organizations that nursed them back to […]

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Listen To Me! The Nuances Behind Mare-Foal Communication

By studying the communication between wild mares and foals, researchers have found that the more communicative mares are, the better their offspring’s chance of survival. Dr. Cassandra Nuñez, from the University of Memphis in Tennessee, and Daniel Rubenstein, from Princeton, studied the communication between mares and foals living on the Shackleford Banks in North Carolina. […]

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Nutritional Needs Of Pregnant Mares

During a mare’s pregnancy, her weight will increase significantly, generally by about 9 to 12 percent of her original weight. This amount of weight she gains is equal to the weight of the foal at birth, plus the weight of the placenta and uterine fluids. This means that a 1,100-pound mare will gain between 100 […]

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Morphine Delivered Via Epidural Safe Alternative For Pain Control In Pregnant Mares

A pregnant mare with a history of severe lameness had a long-term epidural placed that delivered morphine to make her more comfortable. The long-term use of the epidural caused no issues to the mare or her foal. Drs. Alessandro Mirra, Jasmin Birras, Sabina Diez Bernal and Claudia Spadavecchia tested the theory, noting that in the […]

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Review: Multiple Reasons For Equine Deaths During Foaling

Complications during foaling are a predominant cause of death and disease in foals and mares; even normal births can cause injury to the mare, both externally or internally. In some cases, these injuries can be so significant that they can cause the death or require the euthanization of the mare. Researchers reviewed the cases of […]

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Foal Patrol’s Season Three Scheduled To Debut On December 27

The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame will debut Foal Patrol Season 3 online Dec. 27 at Also, a family-friendly celebration of the new season, “Foal Patrol Kids!,” will take place at the Museum that day from 10 a.m. to noon. This open house event will feature numerous educational and entertainment initiatives […]

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Is A Synovial Infection The End Of A Horse’s Athletic Career? Not Necessarily

Infections of the synovial fluid in a horse’s joint can end an athletic career—if not their life. Drs. Danielle Crosby, Raphael Labens, Kristopher Hughes and Bryan Hilbert, with the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at Charles Sturt University in Australia, and Sharon Nielsen examined the records of 186 horses the hospital saw over a […]

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Horseplay is Serious Business For Babies

The opportunity for foals to run and play isn’t just a great way to burn off energy; play is essential for healthy bone development. New Zealand researchers Chris Rogers and Keren Dittmer of Massey University concluded that playing for foals not only immediately impacts bone, but it provides the framework for future response: Bone changes […]

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