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Is Vitamin D The Key For Maintaining Foal Health?

Horses are big, strong creatures that produce offspring capable of standing within an hour of birth. Mother Nature gave them this ability so even newborn foals would be able to flee with their dams if the herd was attacked by predators. This sometimes causes horsemen to believe neonatal foals are tougher than they really are. […]

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Feed ‘Em Right: Proper Nutrition For Weanling Thoroughbreds

Even though foaling season in North America is just now starting, now is a good time to start considering what diet changes those foals will need later this year when it gets closer to weaning time. Weaning can be stressful on a young horse, prompting not only a decrease in weight gain, but also depleted […]

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Protecting Foals From Environmental Contaminants

When a foal is born, it goes from being in a confined space, protected from foreign germs, diseases, fungus and other threats to being cast out into a world full of potential contaminants. While colostrum helps to jump-start their immune system and protect them from viruses, bacteria and other diseases, there are still major health […]

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