Florida: Home Of Horse and Dog Flu

Before 2003, there was no such thing as a dog-specific influenza virus, even though dogs spend a lot of time with mammals that can be infected with the flu, like humans, pigs and horses. Though dogs could have serological evidence of Influenza A, they were dead-end hosts, meaning the flu didn’t spread between dogs. That […]

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Equine Influenza Cases Still Rising In Britain

Equine Influenza (EI) continues to rise in Britain, with more than 200 confirmed cases so far this year. There were only two outbreaks reported in all of 2018. The Animal Health Trust’s Director of Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance, Dr. Richard Newton, said the increased movement of horses to and from events and competitions is contributing […]

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British Horses Still Threatened By Equine Influenza

Outbreaks of equine influenza are still occurring across Britain and horse owners are encouraged to remain cautious and utilize measures to prevent the spread of the disease. The Animal Health Trust saw the second highest number of confirmed cases of equine flu in 2019 during the last week in May. Dr. Richard Newton, the director […]

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Pretty Sweet: Sugar And Gold Used To Detect Equine Flu

A dipstick test available in Britain can be modified to detect equine influenza, its manufacturer says. The company, Iceni Diagnostics, has a test that detects and distinguishes between human and avian flu; a slight modification will allow for the rapid, non-invasive test to be used on horses, said Chief Scientist Dr. David Russell. Co-founder of […]

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Three Horses With Equine Influenza At World Equestrian Center In Ohio

The World Equestrian Center management has been made aware by horse show veterinarian Dr. Holly Helbig that three horses at the facility have tested positive for the Equine Influenza Virus. After a full respiratory panel, all three horses have tested NEGATIVE for Streptococcus equi (Strangles) and NEGATIVE for EHV-1 and EHV-4 (Equine Herpesvirus). When the horses in question demonstrated […]

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Confirmed Equine Flu In Vaccinated Horses Cause For Concern In Britain

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has cancelled racing in Britain on Thursday, February 7, because of equine influenza. The decision is supported by BHA’s industry veterinary committee; the concern stems from the presence of confirmed Equine Influenza in three horses that had been vaccinated for the disease. The horses confirmed with the disease had raced […]

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First West Nile Case Of 2018 Confirmed In KY

The first equine West Nile Virus (WNv) in Kentucky was confirmed on Aug. 28. The affected 9-year-old Quarter Horse from Pendleton County is stable and has a favorable prognosis. The gelding presented on Aug. 23 with partial lower-lip paralysis and involuntary muscle contractions. Over the next 48 hours, the horse became progressively ataxic in his […]

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Horses On Midwest Farms Positive For Influenza D Antibodies; No Danger To Humans

  Researchers at South Dakota State University have found antibodies against two strains of influenza D in the blood of two horses from the Midwest. The strain of flu found is not a threat right now, but more studies are needed, said professor Feng Li, who works in the Department of Biology and Microbiology. The […]

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Study Shows That Mongolia May Be A Hotbed For EIV Outbreaks

Scientists have discovered that Mongolia may be a hotbed for novel strains of the equine influenza virus (EIV). There are 3.3 million horses in Mongolia that are critical to the livelihood of Mongolian herders; horses provide transportation and food, and play a huge role in the culture of the Mongolian people. With more horses than […]

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