Additional EEE Case In Michigan; Aerial Spraying Continues

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) has been confirmed in an additional horse in St. Joseph County, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reports. To help combat the disease, which is carried by mosquitoes, more than 328,000 acres have been sprayed with insecticide dropped from planes. The most-recent equine case of EEE presented with symptoms on […]

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Hendra Virus Confirmed In Australia’s Thoroughbred Capital: Scone

The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries confirmed a case of Hendra virus in a 25-year-old mare near Scone, Australia, which has a vast equine population. The mare was not vaccinated. She had developed neurological signs and was euthanized; the horse’s owners contacted the animal disease hotline. Hendra virus, which is carried by bats […]

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Iron Overload Can Be Fatal For Horses

Iron is an integral part of the equine diet; it carries oxygen in the hemoglobin of red blood cells through the body so the cells can produce energy. Found in some supplements to encourage red blood cell production, an overload of iron can be detrimental as it builds up in the horse’s body over time. […]

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The Real Threat Of Rabies In Horses: Always Fatal But Always Preventable

Annual rabies immunization is considered a core vaccine by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP); while rabies cases in livestock is fairly rare, the outcome is deadly if a horse is infected. Rabies is preventable with the administration of the vaccine, which is 100 percent effective. A horse with rabies may initially not look […]

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Are Maple Seeds Making Your Horse Sick?

The seeds of box elder trees, also called boxelder maple, can be fatal to horses that consume them. The seeds can cause a disease called seasonal pasture myopathy (SPM), which is triggered by the ingestion of Acer negundo. Most prevalent in the Midwestern United States, symptoms come on rapidly and the fatality rate for affected […]

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State Veterinarians Examine High Number Of Fatal Breakdowns In Kentucky

There was a fair amount of concern following the short September race meeting at Churchill Downs, when four horses suffered fatal breakdowns in the space of four days, and two more suffered the same fate during morning training hours. According to drf.com, Churchill’s response was to bring in racing-surface specialist Mick Peterson; president Kevin Flanery said […]

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Contaminated Feed Kills Six Horses In Minnesota

Six horses were killed after eating feed from Gilman Co-op Creamery in Gilman, MN, which was tainted with monensin. An antimicrobial for cattle and poultry, monensin is toxic to horses in even small doses. The feed that killed the horses was a custom blend made specifically for the farm where the horses were located. The […]

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Eastern Equine Encephalitis Diagnosed In Florida Horse

An unvaccinated horse in Marion County tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) on Feb. 28 after displaying symptoms of the disease. The Florida Department of Health in the county suggests that people who board animals around the Citra area should be on heightened alert for the disease and vaccinate horses that have not been […]

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Hogan To Racing Industry: If We Don’t Change, It’s Going To Be Changed For Us

New Jersey-based veterinarian Dr. Patty Hogan gave a 75-minute presentation titled “Injuries in Racehorses” to 60-70 members of the MidAtlantic horseracing industry this week. Hogan explained to the audience that she sees nearly 3,000 horses at her clinic annually, with the majority of them being either Thoroughbred or Standardbred racehorses. She also explained that her […]

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