Kirkpatrick & Co. Presents In Their Care: Longtime Blacksmith Norman Devoted To ‘Way Of Life’

No one would blame Steve Norman if he retired tomorrow. He is 67. He has been a blacksmith for 49 years. Kate, his wife of 35 years, would welcome the opportunity to spend more time with him. So would their three daughters — Sarah, Samantha and Meredith – and his three grandchildren. Norman has nothing […]

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Steel Shoes May Be Better For Racehorses Than Aluminum, Farriers Say

Traditions are hard to shake in horse racing, but one area that appears open to change is shoeing. One of those changes in years gone by was to switch from training in steel shoes to aluminum plates. Pete Butler, son of respected farrier and clinician Dr. Doug Butler, wrote in his blog that steel shoes […]

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Ask Your Veterinarian Presented By Equistro: Trimming To Balance Conformation Issues

Veterinarians at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital answer your questions about the healthcare of Thoroughbreds. Email us at [email protected] if you have a question for a veterinarian. QUESTION: I’ve heard farriers can help compensate for conformation issues by the way they angle a young horse’s feet during trimming. Is there an age at which this becomes ineffective? […]

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‘Farrier Think Tank’: First International Farrier Syndicate Announced

A group of elite farriers in various disciplines have banded together to form the first farrier syndicate in the horse industry. International Farrier Syndicate is the brainchild of Thoroughbred farrier Pat Broadus and recent International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame inductee Danvers Child. Child described the syndicate as a “group of like-minded farriers working together as […]

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I Owe You How Much? The Cost Of Shoeing Horses

Your farrier finishes shoeing your horse and hands you a bill for the work. You look at the bill, muster a smile, and grab your checkbook even though you may be thinking, ‘A set of horseshoes costs about $15 and he spent less than an hour putting them on. Why is the bill so much?’ […]

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Hot And Cold: Custom Shoeing Versus ‘Plating’ For Thoroughbreds

A farrier pounding a red-hot shoe on an anvil is part of our equine heritage. Most disciplines prefer their farriers to hand-make shoes from bar stock using a forge to custom-fashion them for each particular horse. The shoes are applied to the bottom of the horse’s feet while still hot, a process called “burning,” which […]

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If Your Farrier Suffers An Injury, Who’s Liable?

Part of the job for most farriers is the daily risk of a job-related bruise, strain, or worse. A farrier knows every time he or she crawls under a horse could mean serious injury, or even death, if things go wrong. Workers in the United States have recourse against their employers for injuries on the […]

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What A Pain: Hoof Abscesses A Common Frustration For Horses In All Life Stages

Classic Empire is the latest in a long line of horses to miss training or skip a race due to a hoof abscess. Hoof abscesses are relatively common and seem to impact a horse on the trail for a classic race every year. California Chrome, Melatonin, Shared Belief, Game On Dude, and Texas Red have […]

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PR Special OBS March: Farriers And Biosecurity, Orb And Constellation

The Paulick Report is once again pleased to offer a special print publication, available here and on the grounds of the Ocala Breeders’ Sale Co.’s March Sale of 2-Year-Olds in Training. In this edition of the PR Special, Denise Steffanus examines how a farrier shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to biosecurity.  In the Stallion […]

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