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Cleft Palate Doesn’t Spell The End For Foals

Often when you hear the term “cleft palate,” you think of it in relation to a human, not a horse. But the congenital defect known as palatoschisis ranks as the most common craniofacial abnormality. Caused by incomplete fusion of tissues along the midline of the soft palate, it can inhibit swallowing, resulting in nasal discharge […]

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Ten Hot-Weather Tips For Horses

Summer riding is a wonderful time to enjoy your horse and sneak in more saddle time, but the hotter temperatures can lead to dehydration and lethargy in equines. Severe heat can even cause diarrhea and colic in some horses. Follow these 10 tips from the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center to keep your horse […]

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Equine Hospitals Have Unique Challenges In Keeping Patients Safe

Equine hospitals present unique challenges to keeping patients safe, healthy and free from hospital-acquired infections, notes Dr. Jeff Bender of the¬†University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center. While both equine and human hospitals have regimented protocols in place to prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infections, it’s assumed that about 5 percent of hospitalized equine patients will […]

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Horses and Heaves: How and Why

It’s common to walk through a barn and hear a horse cough, especially in the winter when barns are closed to protect from the cold and wind and inevitably dustier. But if the coughing is repeated or persistent, it could be the sign of a chronic breathing problem caused by confinement in a dusty setting. […]

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Three Chimneys presents Good News Friday: Injury Research Pays Dividends

Thoroughbred injuries are clearly an ongoing and major concern for the sport of racing. Scientists around the world have been studying the issue for decades, and in recent years, have seen significant progress towards a better understanding of why certain injuries occur and what can be done to prevent many of them. At the University […]

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