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How Do Parasite Infections Affect Gut Health In Horses

Researchers in Europe recently looked at parasitic infections, specifically strongyles, in horses and the effects they have on the host’s gut bacteria. Strongyle infestations can pose major health risks for horses, as this parasite specifically utilizes the same functions as the gut microbiota and can therefore affect the latter’s performance. The researchers executed a 5-month […]

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AHP’s Fourth Equine Industry Survey Now Open

American Horse Publications (APH) announced the launch of their fourth Equine Industry Survey on January 22, which tracks participation trends and management practices in the U. S. horse industry. The study, which will be conducted by Dr. Jill Stowe, PhD, an agricultural economics professor at the University of Kentucky, will help to identify key issues […]

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Bran Mashes May Do More Harm Than Good

In an effort to keep horses in good weight and warm, feeding a warm bran mash has long been a go-to routine for horse owners during cold winter months. Modern veterinary science, however, suggests that this may not be the best option for keeping horses’ gastrointestinal systems healthy and working properly. According to Dr. Clare […]

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Current Issues In Equine Health Conference Set For April 8

The Penn State Extension Office will be hosting their Current Issues in Equine Health Conference on April 8, 2018. The conference will offer research-based topics pertinent to horse owners in the mid-Atlantic region, as well as nationally. Topic to be discussed at the conference include: Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, Potomac horse fever and other tick-borne illnesses […]

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Research Foundation Kicks Off New Kentucky Equine Health Initiative

The Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation announced today that, on the heels of its successful Ocala Initiative, it has launched the Kentucky Initiative and that Hallway Feeds, Hinkle Farms, the Keeneland Association, and Reynolds Bell Thoroughbred Services have joined the initiative as founding partners, supporting the initiative at $10,000 each. The Kentucky Initiative is dedicated to […]

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Common Sense Strategies Keep Competition Horses Sound

Any horse that performs an athletic endeavor may need some help staying sound throughout his career. While many horses regularly have acupuncture, chiropractic, massage or other therapies as preventative maintenance, there are some more-basic options that can help keep him sound for years to come. Veterinarian Dr. David Ramey offers some specific recommendations to keep […]

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Humans And Horses Can Enter Into Unique State of “Co-Being”

Research has shown that horses and riders can enter into a state of interspecies “co-being” with one another. Referring to a state of relationship where each partner evolves to better “fit” with each other, riders and horses learn both physical and mental ways to attune to their partner, reports The Horse. This research fits with […]

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Saturday’s World Veterinary Day Promotes ‘One Health’ Concept

On World Veterinary Day (30 April), the World Organization For Animal Health (OIE) pays tribute to the crucial role played by veterinarians in protecting global health. This year, the event focuses on the opportunities for veterinarians to continue their training and extend their expertise in areas related to the ‘One Health’ concept. To achieve this, […]

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Protecting Foals From Environmental Contaminants

When a foal is born, it goes from being in a confined space, protected from foreign germs, diseases, fungus and other threats to being cast out into a world full of potential contaminants. While colostrum helps to jump-start their immune system and protect them from viruses, bacteria and other diseases, there are still major health […]

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