equine gastric ulcer syndrome

Cribbing And Colic: Which Comes First?

If you have a cribber, chances are that horse is going to colic sometime during the period you own him. Not every cribber colics, but the two conditions often go hand in hand. Most scientific papers on colic include cribbing as one of its risk factors. The mystery is no one knows why cribbers are […]

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Risk Factors For Squamous Vs. Glandular Ulcers In Horses

Despite being grouped together under the umbrella term “equine gastric ulcer syndrome,” one group of veterinary researchers* recently suggested that equine glandular gastric disease (EGGD) should actually be considered a distinct entity from equine squamous gastric disease (ESGD). This recommendation comes in the wake of their findings that different management and risk factors contribute to […]

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Study: Polysaccharide Therapy May Help Heal Gastric Ulcers In Horses

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, the oldest and one of the largest private equine veterinary facilities in the world, submitted a study that was peer reviewed and published in the March 2017 Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, showing treatment with a polysaccharide blend reduced gastric ulceration in active horses. Ten horses underwent gastroscopy for diagnosis and […]

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Study: Low Starch Diet Is Best For Ulcers, But May Not Work For Racehorses

In 1999, veterinarians and horsemen welcomed the introduction of omeprazole as a treatment for gastric ulcers in horses. The new animal drug was welcomed as an effective treatment for the estimated 60-90 percent of performance horses that suffer from gastric ulcers – a particularly common problem for on-track Thoroughbreds. But a common problem in humans […]

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