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Stall Vices Linked To Digestive Discomfort In Horses

Horses evolved wandering miles each day and grazing in herds. Now, many horses lead a very different life, spending most of their time in stalls, eating two large meals a day, and having little contact with other horses. This shift from migratory foraging to stationary meal-eating can cause disturbances in health and behavior. For example, long-term […]

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Nutrient Digestibility In Horses: Does It Change With Age?

The population of horses over the age of 20 has increased in recent history, thanks to better healthcare and increased scientific knowledge of the aging process. Many horsemen believe that diets should be more heavily fortified as horses age in order to make up for losses in digestive efficiency. New research is challenging this notion, though. A […]

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Three Unusual Myths About Feeding Horses

Equine digestive systems are vastly different from human systems. As most humans eat two or three large meals throughout the day, it can be difficult to understand and implement a strategy where horses have access to many small meals throughout the day, which is how their digestive systems operate best. Here are three myths about […]

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Inaugural UK Equine Nutrition Short Course To Be Held May 14

An inaugural University of Kentucky Equine Nutrition Short Course will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 14. The event is for horse owners interested in understanding how nutrition can affect their horses’ health and longevity. The event is presented by UK Ag Equine Programs’ equine nutrition working group within the College of […]

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Researchers Seek Horse Owners’ Help In Project Examining Gut Health

Researchers at the University of Delaware are looking to horse owners across the country for help as they try to tackle the fundamental questions behind the role of bacteria in the horse gut with regard to health and disease. The Equine Microbiome Project is led by the Biddle Laboratory in UD’s Department of Animal and […]

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