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Mongolians Practiced Equine Dentistry More Than 3,000 Years Ago

New evidence suggests that Mongolian herders practiced equine dentistry more than 3,000 years ago, removing teeth that were an issue for young horses. Researchers analyzed equine skeletons from horse burials associated with the Deer Stone-Khirigsuur Culture and determined surgical procedures removed teeth that would have caused young horses pain or difficulty eating. This is the […]

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Breeding For A Pretty Face Can Mean Massive Dental Problems

Dr. Vikki Fowler, a veterinarian and an equine dental technician, has warned that breeding equines for “designer” faces can cause them pain by not leaving enough room in their mouth for their teeth. Breeders are emphasizing very dished faces, which means the horses and ponies are being born with smaller mouths. If there is not […]

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Open Wide: New Endoscope Gives Horses A Better Dental Exam

To remain healthy, horses need to have their teeth “floated” at least once a year. During this dental process, sharp edges are removed so that the horse is able to graze and chew comfortably. To perform dental floats well, a veterinarian must use a tool to hold the horse’s mouth open, and use a headlamp […]

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Dental Health Dictates Overall Health In Horses

It’s not just people that need to see a dentist regularly: horses need their teeth looked at too. Horses need their teeth “floated” – grounding the sharp points on their teeth down – about once to twice a year. Horses get sharp points or unevenness on their teeth when their teeth grind together as they chew. […]

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Dentistry group considers establishing equine veterinary dental college

As the result of the growing popularity of equine dentistry, the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC), the European Veterinary Dental College, and the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry and considering the development of an equine veterinary dental specialty college. The AVDC sent a letter to veterinarians to gauge interest, stating: “There is a recognition that a […]

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