Epsom salt

Epsom Salt: How It Works Its Magic

Epsom salt is a staple in every horseman’s tack room. Principally used in poultices and hoof packings, Epsom salt draws water out of the body, making it excellent for reducing swelling and removing toxins. If applied as a paste, it generates soothing heat. Because of its ability to pool water, Epsom salt is sometimes used […]

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Magnesium: Help For Equine Headshaking?

Researchers at the University of California, Davis report that headshaking is significantly diminished when horses are given an IV of magnesium sulfate. A study, led by Dr. Shara Sheldon, used six geldings that had not responded well to conventional treatment for headshaking, investigated magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) as a potential treatment. Headshaking related to the trigeminal […]

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Move Along: Psyllium And Epsom Salt Clear Sand From Equine Intestines

Sand colic in horses occurs when sand accumulates in the large colon. Occurring around the world, sand colic is often treated by a veterinarian, but preventative measures are available, including adding psyllium to the horse’s feed. A bulk-forming laxative that absorbs water, psyllium can pass through the digestive system without being completely dissolved. Magnesium sulphate, […]

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