Loosen Up: Nebraska Trying To Remove Licensing Restrictions For Equine Masseuses

If a horse in Nebraska is in need of an equine masseuse, they’re out of luck as there isn’t a single masseuse in the state. However, Nebraska lawmakers are trying to help the horses by working to overturn a law that requires equine massage therapists to have a license to practice. In Nebraska, to practice […]

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Cornell Farrier Program Admits First All-Female Class

After more than 100 years in existence, theĀ Cornell Farrier ProgramĀ has admitted its first all-women class. In early January, three women walked through the farrier shop doors, started up the forge and got to work. Paige Maxxam, Kahlan Schramm and Kerry Spain will complete the program in April and use their training to enter as apprentices […]

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Lessons From The Past: Studying 20th Century Research Garners New Findings

As technology has progressed, especially in the past 5-10 years, it has served to globalize information sharing. Until recently, when research was carried out and published, it was only disseminated in the language in which it was published. While Western European texts were more easily shared between language barriers (Spanish, German, French, etc.) due to […]

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Trainer, Owner, Vet – Who Is Responsible For A Horse’s Health?

The answer to the question in the headline should be “all of them.” But, in a 2009 white paper released by the AAEP, the organization minces no words when explaining that, while there should be an open line of communication between an owner, trainer and veterinarian, many times the owner is left out of the […]

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Changing Feed: A Little At A Time

When changing a horse’s diet from one feed or hay to another, it is a good rule of thumb to make the change gradually, allowing the horse’s intestinal bacteria time to adjust to the new feed. For grain, soaked beet pulp, oils or complete feed pellets, it is good to take it slow, giving the […]

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