Cold Air And Equine Airways

Cold, dry winter air can leave horses susceptible to irritation, respiratory pathogens and bronchoconstriction. Horses breathe entirely through their nostrils; while at rest they may inhale and exhale 10 times a minute, during strenuous work that number can increase rapidly, meaning that more than 1,000 liters of air are inhaled per minute. The air enters […]

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How Bad Are Breathing Conditions In Barns?

Barns are innately dusty places: sifting through sawdust, decobwebbing barn aisles and throwing hay from a hayloft all stir up loads of particulates that can be inhaled—by both horses and humans. Though it’s understood that mold, dust and allergens in bedding and hay can lead to inflammatory airway disease and heaves in horses, few people […]

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Inflammatory Airway Disease In Horses Caused By Fungi

Inhaling different contaminants like fungi and dust can make it difficult for horses to breath; continued inhalation of molds or dust can even lead a horse to develop what has been dubbed “equine asthma,” a catchall phrase for multiple breathing disorders. Recently, researchers discovered that breathing in certain types of mold can lead to the […]

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Hard To Breathe? Dusty Hay Hard On More Than Equine Lungs

Dusty hay can be hard on not just equine lungs, but human lungs as well. Emily Boyce was completing a project for her equine studies class at the Royal Agricultural University in Gloucestershire, England, that involved studying hay, when she discovered just how dirty working with hay can be. Emily was wearing a face mask […]

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UK Research Will Gauge Effect On Indoor Arenas On Horse And Human Health

Little research has been conducted on indoor riding arena environments. To remedy this gap in understanding the effects on horse and human health from indoor arenas, a graduate student in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment’s Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering is conducting a survey to learn more. Master’s degree […]

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Use Caution When Feeding Freshly Baled Hay for Horses

Horse owners know that hay is often least expensive when it has been baled recently. Some people get an even deeper discount if they haul the bales from the hayfield themselves. Can freshly baled hay be fed to horses immediately? Must there be a curing period following baling and before feeding? Hay cultivation, like so […]

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