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Doc’s Products, Inc. Presents How To Fix: Horses That Lug Out

In this month’s edition of How To Fix, we ask the experts for their solutions to horses who lug out during racing or morning work. It’s not uncommon for a green horse to struggle in an attempt to maintain a straight path or for a horse to spook at something to his or her left […]

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Doc’s Products, Inc. Presents How To Fix: The Girthy Horse

Today, we continue the Paulick Report’s new series on equine behavior and training challenges. This week, we’ll focus on horses commonly described as “girthy,” which often means they exhibit irritation or stress when the girth or cinch is tightened. Horses may pin their ears, bite, kick, or charge forward to escape the stimulus. The term […]

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Doc’s Products, Inc. Presents How To Fix: Stall Weaving

Today, we’re launching a new monthly feature in our Horse Care section dedicated to equine behavior and training challenges. We’ll ask a panel of academic, veterinary, and training experts for their perspective and solution on common issues and present the answers for side-by-side perspective. Weaving is a term used to describe a horse who compulsively […]

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San Luis Rey Fire Survivors: What Trainers Should Be Looking For

Over the years, fires involving horses have made the news, but none has been as horrifying as the one on Dec. 7, when California’s Santa Ana winds swept a wildfire through San Luis Rey Downs in Bonsall. Forty-six racehorses died in the blaze, despite the efforts of heroic horsemen who freed hundreds of Thoroughbreds from […]

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