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Ask Your Veterinarian Presented By Equistro: Where Are We With Dewormer Drug Resistance?

Q: Veterinarians have been getting the word out for a while about the importance of rotating deworming products and focusing on high shedders. Can you explain why, and do we know yet whether this strategy is reducing drug resistance? A: For years, veterinarians and horse owners have correlated rotational deworming of horses with any number […]

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Ask Your Veterinarian Presented By Equistro: Do Equine Vaccines Change Each Year?

Q: We’ve heard a lot about how this year’s human flu shot doesn’t seem to be as effective as it has been in years past.  Do equine vaccines also get modified from year to year, and if so, how concerned should managers be that a vaccinated horse could get an infectious disease? A: The short […]

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