Hendra Virus Confirmed In Australia’s Thoroughbred Capital: Scone

The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries confirmed a case of Hendra virus in a 25-year-old mare near Scone, Australia, which has a vast equine population. The mare was not vaccinated. She had developed neurological signs and was euthanized; the horse’s owners contacted the animal disease hotline. Hendra virus, which is carried by bats […]

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Ticked Off: Asian Longhorned Tick Confirmed In Kentucky

The University of Kentucky has reported that the Asian longhorned tick has appeared in the state. An invasive tick from Australia and East Asia, the arachnids have been reported in 10 states and their population is steadily moving northwest. Their rapid rise in numbers is because Asian longhorned tick can reproduce without mating; the female […]

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EVA Confirmed In Two Stallions In England

Equine viral arteritis (EVA) has been confirmed in two stallions in Dorset, England, Dr. Christine Middlemiss, the UK’s chief veterinary officer, reports. Restrictions on breeding have been put in place; the horses, which are not Thoroughbreds, are located in the same stable. EVA is a notable viral disease in stallions that can cause swelling of […]

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Equine Rhinitis A Virus A Threat To Yearlings

A Canadian study highlights the susceptibility of yearlings to Equine Rhinitis A Virus (ERVA) and the ability of the disease to spread. The study, lead by Dr. Tanya Rossi of the University of Guelph, shows that horses between the ages of 1 and 2 are very susceptible to the virus and that farms should put […]

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Confirmed Equine Flu In Vaccinated Horses Cause For Concern In Britain

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has cancelled racing in Britain on Thursday, February 7, because of equine influenza. The decision is supported by BHA’s industry veterinary committee; the concern stems from the presence of confirmed Equine Influenza in three horses that had been vaccinated for the disease. The horses confirmed with the disease had raced […]

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‘Swamp Cancer’ Is Killing Chincoteague’s Famous Wild Ponies

Wild ponies that have made the Chincoteague and Assateague islands famous are in a fight for their lives — literally. To date, seven horses have died after developing serious infections from stepping in wetlands contaminated with Pythium insidiosum. This bacteria causes pythiosis, a fungus-like infection of the hooves and legs. The organism enters small cuts on […]

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Mysterious Disease Causes Airway Obstruction In Equines

Nasopharyngeal cicatrix is a condition in horses that causes scarring of the upper airway. Found only in a Central and Southeast Texas, the condition is believed to be caused by an environmental agent. Symptoms include coughing, nasal discharge and difficulty swallowing, said Canaan Whitfield, an assistant professor of large animal surgery at the Texas A&M […]

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Don’t Be Duped: Scientific Standards For Genetic Testing Released

The scientists whose research created the Horse Genome Project began meeting in 1995 and most recently met in Italy in September of 2018. The group met to create a set of genetic testing standards that reinforce the need for scientific validation when using research discoveries in clinical practice. The Horse Genome Project is a group […]

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Vermont Horse Dies From West Nile Virus

A horse in Windham County, Vt., has died from West Nile Virus (WNV), say state agricultural officials. The virus is spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes. The infected horse had not been vaccinated against the virus. Horses infected with West Nile may have a fever, and show signs of weakness and impaired vision. They […]

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