Causes Of Girthiness Not One Size Fits All, Study Finds

Some horses get get a reputation for stressing out when their girth is tightened, swishing their tail, pinning their ears, kicking out or even trying to bite the person tightening the girth. There is no single cause of girthiness in horses. Back pain, saddle fit, ulcers and other causes may all play a role in […]

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Self-Mutilation In Horses: A Violent Reaction To Pain?

Horses can exhibit some startling behaviors in which they harm themselves; these behaviors are dubbed “self-mutilation,” where the horse inflicts serious self-harm. These behaviors are most likely the result of nutritional factors or the domestic environment, Dr. Sue McDonnell reports in The Horse. Self-mutilation is uncontrollable violent behavior, which can include bucking, spinning in circles, […]

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Colic Care: Do’s And Don’ts

Colic can be a very scary situation, even if it’s a “mild” case that is resolved without surgical intervention. “Colic” is a broad term that can be applied to any abdominal discomfort. It can commonly occur with the ingestion of sand or too much grain; it can also be caused from an impaction or parasites, […]

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