UK Launches Series Of Educational Equine Parasitology Videos

The University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center is releasing 18 educational videos to inform horse owners, farm managers and veterinarians about best practices in equine parasitology. The series will become available over the course of a few months beginning in October. According to the creator, Martin Nielsen, Schlaikjer Professor of Equine Infectious Disease, the […]

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If You Snooze, You Lose The Deworming Battle: Redworms Hibernate

Small redworms can be a problem for horses even in the winter, when temperatures drop. Zoetis has created a video to make sure equine enthusiasts understand the risks of these worms, reports HorseTalk. While the cold is hard on may parasites, small redworm larvae bury themselves in the horse’s intestinal wall in the fall and […]

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The Spit Test: New Saliva Test For Tapeworm The Real Deal

EquiSal® Tapeworm saliva is a targeted treatment strategy used to control tapeworm infections and reduce the use of anti-tapeworm anthelmintics. The study, completed at Bransby Horses, a horse welfare charity in the UK, was recently published in Equine Veterinary Journal. The study  used 237 horses where EquiSal® Tapeworm testing was used to inform on anthelmintic administration over the […]

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