Does Vitamin D Play A Role In Equine Diarrhea?

Low vitamin D levels in humans can indicate serious illness, but no research has been done to see if the same is true in horses. Soon, Dr. Luis Arroyo of the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) will be investigating if the biomarkers that link low vitamin D to inflammation and systemic disease in humans may be […]

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African Horse Sickness Infects Additional Horses In Thailand

Thailand has experienced two additional outbreaks of African horse sickness, with 57 horses officially declared dead from the disease. Members of the media, however, are putting the equine death toll at 131. The original outbreak was in the Nong Sarai area of the Pak Chong district; on March 27, 62 cases were reported, along with […]

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Foal Deaths From Nocardioform Placentitis Higher Than Usual So Far In Kentucky

At the close of January 2020, 44 foal deaths had been reported to the University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (UKVDL) because of nocardioform placentitis. (This number includes all breeds of horses, not just Thoroughbreds.) Fayette County had 29 reported foal deaths. Thoroughbred Daily News reported that number is high. In a normal year, foal […]

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Review: Multiple Reasons For Equine Deaths During Foaling

Complications during foaling are a predominant cause of death and disease in foals and mares; even normal births can cause injury to the mare, both externally or internally. In some cases, these injuries can be so significant that they can cause the death or require the euthanization of the mare. Researchers reviewed the cases of […]

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Not All Blooms Are Beautiful: The Dangers Of Blue-Green Algae

Blue-green algae has long been common in lakes and ponds, but it’s getting a lot of attention recently for its potentially toxic impacts on dogs — but horses can be impacted, too. Though there are over 80 known kinds of blue-green algae that produce toxins, the algae are not normally toxic unless it “blooms,” meaning […]

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Sable Island’s Feral Horses Perishing From Starvation And Worms

Horses have been found on Sable Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia, since the 18th century. Though hardy, the feral horses are dying; a team of researchers has been investigating the cause of the recent deaths. Dr. Emily Jenkins, one of the researchers, has discovered that the horses are perishing from starvation as well […]

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New Service Making Equine End-Of-Life Decisions Easier

Scotland has piloted a new website to help horse owners with end-of-life decisions. The Equine End of Life Service is a nonprofit organization that provides options for euthanasia, removal and disposal. Created by the National Fallen Stock Company, the goal of the site is to provide simple, easy-to-understand information, removing some of the stress associated […]

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Equine Sedative Xylazine Linked To Pennsylvania Overdoses

Two January overdoses in Chester County, PA, have been linked to xylazine, an equine sedative. The County Coroner, Dr. Christina VandePol, is urging veterinarians and horse farm owners with the drug on hand to be vigilant about monitoring their supplies. Xylazine is not a controlled substance; it is a sedative, analgesic and anesthetic used in […]

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Vaccine For Deadly Foal Pneumonia On Horizon

Pneumonia in foals can be a life-threatening illness. Rhodococcus equi, which is the common cause of foal pneumonia, can cause additional damage to a foal’s body, including affecting organs, lymph nodes, bones, joints and the brain. Fatality for infected foals ranges from 20 to 40 percent. To date, there is no licensed vaccine. Morris Animal […]

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