Don’t Wait: Any Equine Eye Injury Is An Emergency

Horse owners should not take equine eye injuries lightly, even if they seem minor in nature. A common equine eye injury is a corneal abrasion, or scratch, which can be very painful for the horse. Signs that a horse may be suffering from a corneal abrasion: Squinting or holding eye closed Swelling and redness of […]

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CHRB: Jockey Suspension Proposal Advanced, Seven-Day Corticosteroid Rule Proposed

The California Horse Racing Board conducted its regular meeting Thursday, August 24, at Del Mar Race Track. Chairman Chuck Winner presided. First Vice Chair George Krikorian, Second Vice Chair Madeline Auerbach and Commissioners Jesse Choper, Araceli Ruano and Alex Solis also were in attendance. The audio of this entire Board meeting is available on the […]

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Just Breathe: New Test Analyzes Respiratory Health

Recurrant Airway Obstruction, also known as heaves or RAO, can be detrimental for a horse’s athletic performance and, in severe cases, can significantly impact his overall stress level and respiratory comfort. In an effort to combat the triggers for the respiratory disorder, horse owners can treat their horse with a variety of steroid options, supplement […]

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Corticosteroid Injections: Legal, But Ethical?

Anti-inflammatory corticosteroid injections are legal and widely accepted in Thoroughbred racing, as well as in other equestrian sports. With racing getting ready to be launched into the spotlight once again with the Kentucky Derby just over a week away, the questions revolving around drug regulations are once again coming into play. It was just several […]

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