Copper-Coated Nails Prove Beneficial To Hoof Health

Copper has long been hailed by humans due to its electric conductivity, malleable nature and perceived health benefits, and science has proven that the soft metal has antibacterial properties, as it can kill bacteria and other microbes on contact. Recently this has led some blacksmiths in Australia to begin testing the benefits of using copper […]

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Possible Link Between Selenium and Cribbing In Horses

Stereotypic behaviors such as weaving, cribbing, and stall-walking occur commonly in high-performance horses as well as many companion horses. In addition to being unsightly, potentially damaging to the barn, and raising welfare concerns, stereotypic behaviors also result in important health issues such as dental disorders, temporohyoid joint damage, poor performance, weight loss, and colic. “Cribbing is the […]

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Nailed It: Copper Nails Promise To Revolutionize Horse Hoof Care

Horseshoe manufacturer Kerckhaert recently announced the development of the Liberty Cu horseshoe nails, which have a unique coating: antimicrobial copper, which promises to be a completely new type of product designed at preventing infections. Copper stops bacteria from entering the hoof wall through the nail holes as the nails are driven into the hoof wall, said the Royal […]

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CHS Issues Recall Of Equine Products Due To Excessive Copper Levels

CHS Inc. announced today it has implemented a voluntary recall of 50-pound packages of its Kountry Buffet 14% Text and Provider 15% Pellet, both for Mature Cattle, Horses, Goats & Sheep due to excessive levels of copper. No illnesses or deaths have been reported to date. Consumption of the affected product may cause potential health […]

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