Online Survey Seeks To Understand Decisions Surrounding Colic

Horse owners from around the globe are invited to complete an online survey on colic. The findings will help create resources and recommendations for equine owners and caretakers to recognize and diagnose the condition. Researchers at Britain’s University of Nottingham have shown that colic is the most common emergency condition and it is the most […]

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Record Keeping Key For Vets To Avoid State Board Inquiries

State board inquiries are designed to ensure that proper care is being given to a veterinarian’s equine patients; medical record management has become a key issue for veterinarians. Good communication is a necessity to keep clients happy; poor communication generally translates into unhappy clients, who could complain about the care their horses receive. It’s important […]

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Researchers Pinpoint The Cause Of Naked Foal Syndrome Thanks To Gene Sequencing

Akhal-Teke horses, a breed native to Turkmenistan, are known for their endurance, speed, intelligence and distinctive metallic sheen. This breed is also susceptible to a condition known as Naked Foal Syndrome, in which foals are born with almost no hair and scaly skin. Horses with the condition die between a few weeks old and 3 […]

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Fighter-Jet Technology To Help Traveling Equines

Fighter-jet technology will be used to help British Equestrian Federation competition horses travel in safety and comfort. The Equus-Sense Unit, made by BAE Systems, allows for the monitoring of temperature, dust level, sound, humidity and oxygen in equine compartments; it’s believed that the ability to monitor these things will help mitigate their impact on horses, […]

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