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Wagering Algorithms And ‘The Ghost Of The Unclaimed $118 Million’

Bill Benter has made nearly a billion dollars wagering on horse racing, utilizing an algorithm he created to analyze up to 120 different variables on each horse entered in a particular race. In his first public interview with, Benter describes his ascension from counting cards at blackjack tables to hitting one of the largest paydays […]

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WatchandWager Launches New Business Trading Initiative

The board of Webis, the Group specializing in pool wagering and the operators of Cal Expo, the California harness track, is pleased to announce that its Advanced Deposit Wagering (“ADW”) business, LLC (“WatchandWager”) launched a new initiative of the company called Business Trading with the release of the website that reaffirms the group’s […]

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Computer-Assisted Betting: Helping Or Hurting The Everyday Gambler?

Computer-assisted betting allows gamblers to confidently place a large sum of money on a horse. Known as “quants,” they can be both helpful and harmful to the everyday gambler, reports The system used by the quants details over 100 different variables in order to predict race outcomes, and it usually has access to very […]

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I, Robot: The Future of Horse Race Wagering?

For nearly as long as computers have existed, professional gamblers of all kinds have used them to seek an edge. As far back as the early 1980s, computer betting outfits operated in the shadows, trying to outsmart the sports books in Las Vegas. In the mid-80’s, Australian Alan Woods and his partners began tinkering with […]

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