Signs Of Imminent Foaling In Mares For Novice Breeders

Mares usually foal about 330 to 345 days after a successful breeding, but they may foal a week or so earlier or later than this window. Experienced broodmare managers know some of the usual signs that show a mare is close to¬†giving birth. However, first-time breeders may not as be familiar with these signs. In […]

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The Young Years: Nutrition From Birth To Two Years Of Age

A horse’s diet changes significantly from the time it’s born until it reaches physical maturity. For certain individuals, physical maturity does not occur till they are four, five, or even six years old. Beginning with a liquid diet and ending with a diet that invariably contains both forages and concentrates represents a significant spectrum. First […]

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Study: Broodmare Body Condition At Conception Has Long-Term Fetal Growth Implications

Pop quiz: When does an equine fetus undergo the most profound growth and development? You’re right! It was a trick question. Fetal foals gain about 1 lb (0.45 kg) a day during the last 90 days of gestation. Sure, that’s impressive, but consider for a moment that in a split second, a single sperm fertilizes […]

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Could Colostrum Supplementation Benefit Adult Horses?

Colostrum, the nutrient and immunoglobulin-dense first milk produced by a mare for their newborn offspring, gives newborns the key immune-regulating compounds necessary to develop a healthy immune system. While other species transfer these immunoglobulins through placental transfer and/or mammary secretions, horses can only transfer these essential immune-boosting components via colostrum. Once the immunoglobulins are in […]

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Colostrum Provides Foals With The Super Food They Need For A Good Start

It is 9:40 PM and¬†Class On Class’ water breaks. Her new filly arrives at 10:00 PM, stands up at 10:38 PM and nurses for the first time at 11:18 PM. After a normal delivery and an exciting, successful attempt to stand the one hour and eighteen minute old filly receives the most important milk her […]

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The Importance Of Babies’ First Meals

Proper nutrition is important for a horse of any age, but when the horse is a newborn foal, its first few meals can have a significant impact on the rest of its life. Newborn foals lack antibodies that combat infection. These antibodies are first introduced to a foal through their mother’s first milk, or colostrum, […]

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