Grade 1 Winner Delta Prince Euthanized At Age Six

Grade 1 winner Delta Prince, an Adena Springs homebred, was euthanized at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital on Friday, Oct. 25, following complications associated with laminitis and renal failure subsequent to an incident of colic. Set to join the Adena Springs Kentucky stallion roster for 2020, Delta Prince enjoyed a stellar racing career, earning $1,174,170 […]

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Study: Horse Owners More Confident In Colic Recognition Than They Should Be

A 2014 survey of 1,331 horse owners revealed crucial gaps in horse owner’s knowledge of colic and how to respond to an episode of it. This lack of knowledge was the driver behind the creation of the REACT To Beat Colic campaign in Britain, which was developed by the University of Nottingham and the British […]

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Nighttime Nibbles: Why Horses Need Constant Access To Forage

Most equine owners and caretakers know a horse needs to have something in his stomach almost constantly to avoid issues like colic, ulcers and mental stress. But what about during the night, when he should be asleep? Research shows that horses need something to nibble even when it’s dark out–but the solution isn’t just to […]

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Life After Two Colic Surgeries: Eventing Horse Back In Training

Monty, a 6-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, was down and displaying signs of colic when owner Ashley Aguado received the late-night call that he was sick. She rushed to him and found her three-day eventing horse in a dire condition. “When I arrived, Monty’s face was cut up from all the rolling he was doing,” said Aguado. […]

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Moon Phase And Colic: Is There A Correlation?

Moon phases can affect both humans and animals on many levels, from fluctuations in hormones to fertility levels to immune responses. However, there has been no concrete evidence that the phases of the moon effect a horse’s colic risk. Because of this, Lucile Vigouroux, Danielle Ferriola, Linda Ritchie and Dr. Jesslyn Bryk-Lucy, DVM, created a […]

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A New Way To Administer Fluids In A Pinch

Some equine conditions, like colic, necessitate the administration of large amounts of fluid over a short period of time. While this can be done through a nasogastric tube, it’s not always feasible or advisable in every situation. Fluids can also be run intravenously, which puts the fluid directly into circulation, but there may be logistic […]

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Cribbing And Colic: Which Comes First?

If you have a cribber, chances are that horse is going to colic sometime during the period you own him. Not every cribber colics, but the two conditions often go hand in hand. Most scientific papers on colic include cribbing as one of its risk factors. The mystery is no one knows why cribbers are […]

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Roaring Lion Loses Battle With Colic, Euthanized In New Zealand

Qatar Racing and Tweenhills Stud are absolutely devastated to have to announce the death of Roaring Lion who has been put to sleep after suffering another bout of colic in New Zealand. Tweenhills owner David Redvers said: “At approximately midday (GMT) / 23.00 NZ today Roaring Lion was observed to be uncomfortable in his stable […]

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Online Survey Seeks To Understand Decisions Surrounding Colic

Horse owners from around the globe are invited to complete an online survey on colic. The findings will help create resources and recommendations for equine owners and caretakers to recognize and diagnose the condition. Researchers at Britain’s University of Nottingham have shown that colic is the most common emergency condition and it is the most […]

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