Quarter Horses Running In Unsanctioned Races At Higher Risk For EIA

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) has reported that Quarter horses that run in unsanctioned races are at a significantly higher risk of spreading equine infection anemia (EIA) than their non-racing and different breed counterparts. EIA is a viral disease that has no vaccine and no cure. EIA infection is determined through a Coggins […]

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Application For Texas Race Withdrawn Amid EIA Outbreak

Jose Manuel Rico has withdrawn his application for a mass gathering permit to hold a horse race in Scurry, Texas, on July 21. The location of the proposed race was just 1.5 miles from a facility that is under quarantine from an equine infectious anemia (EIA) outbreak. Earlier in July, the Texas Animal Health Commission […]

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Positive Diagnosis Of Equine Infectious Anemia In Idaho

A horse in Treasure Valley, Idaho, has been diagnosed with Equine infectious anemia (EIA), reports the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA). The horse had recently been transported from Washington state to Canyon County. EIA is typically spread between horses through biting insects like mosquitoes, but needles and other equipment contaminated by the blood of […]

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Spring Strategies For Equine Wellness

Most horses begin “spring training” with a visit from their veterinarian. These trips generally involve spring vaccinations, dental exams and the completion of a Coggins test and a health certificate. The vet will also give the horse a thorough once over, evaluating the horse’s general body condition and health, as well as soundness. Many horses […]

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Report: Barn Under Quarantine At Gulfstream After Horse Tests Positive for Equine Infectious Anemia

The Daily Racing Form’s Mike Welsch tweeted Thursday morning that Barn 3 at Gulfstream Park has been placed under quarantine after a horse there tested positive for equine infectious anemia, commonly known as “swamp fever.” Welsch indicated the other horses in the barn had tested negative but will not be permitted to train at the […]

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‘It’s Appalling Is What It Is’: Equine Infectious Anemia Case Sends Officials Tracking Dozens Of Horses

A single case of Equine Infectious Anemia has state animal health officials in Colorado and Wyoming hunting down over 100 horses across multiple states. The viral disease has no cure and requires infected horses to be kept at least 200 yards from others for the rest of its life. The horse, which was purchased from […]

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Colorado Horse Infected With EIA

A horse in Weld County, CO, has tested positive for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). The horse tested positive to a second EIA test (also called a Coggins Test) on Aug. 28. The facility where the horse was housed is under quarantine to restrict the movement of horses. The EIA-positive horse has been isolated from other […]

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Summer Brings New Health Considerations For Horses

Summer is a busy time of year for many horse owners, whether they are racing, showing, trail riding or simply enjoying their equine companions. The Horse¬†recently¬†published a list of health and safety considerations for horses in warm weather: Heat exhaustion: While a common concern for people out in the heat of the day, heat exhaustion […]

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EIA Strikes 4 Tennessee Horses, Prompting Euthanasia Or Lifetime Quarantine

Four West Tennessee horses have been confirmed positive for Equine Infectious Anemia, a viral disease that necessitates either euthanasia or lifelong quarantine of the affected animal. Stabled at three different locations in Henderson County, state officials are now testing other horses that are stabled with or live near the infected horses. EIA, also known as […]

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