International Travel Of Equines May Spread Parasitic Disease Dourine

Dourine is a parasitic venereal disease caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma equiperdum. Also dubbed “covering disease,” it has been described as a neglected-horse disease in the past, but scientists believe that the condition warrants greater attention, including better diagnostics to discover it and better drugs to treat it, mostly because of the increasing international movement […]

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Chemotherapy A Viable Treatment For Horses With Lymphoma

Lymphoma, the most common cancer in horses, has been successfully treated with chemotherapy, a new study shows. However, nearly two-thirds of horses were affected with mild adverse effects from the chemo. Presentation of the cancer varies depending on the areas of the horse that are affected; the prognosis is also variable depending on where the […]

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Sarcoids: Treatment Should Be Early And Aggressive

The most common skin tumors in horses, sarcoids are thought to affect about 2 percent of horses across the globe. Though the tumors don’t spread, they can still be uncomfortable for the affected horse, potentially affecting eyelid function and leading to ulceration of they eyeball. Believed to be caused by a bovine papillomavirus transmitted by […]

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Hold Your Horses: Chemo Successfully Slows Equine Lymphoma Progression

Cancer in horses is often treated similarly to cancer in humans: with chemotherapy. Recent research has shown that this choice of medical intervention can put horses with lymphoma into remission and give them several more months or years to live. The Horse reports that Daniela Luethy, DVM, lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania School of […]

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Mirahmadi Feeling ‘Good,’ Pronounced Cancer-Free

Monmouth announcer Frank Mirahmadi has officially been pronounced cancer-free by Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, reports Over the last 12 months, Mirahmadi has undergone two surgeries for colon cancer. “I feel good, and obviously relieved,” he said. “The six months of chemo was taxing, but thankfully I was able to handle the side effects and […]

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Colorful Race Caller Mirahmadi Grateful For His ‘Bonus Time’

Frank Mirahmadi first drew national media attention when he got the job calling races at Oaklawn Park in 2012. The enigmatic man with a penchant for frighteningly accurate impersonations was a big hit with the locals, an enthusiastic bunch of racing fans. When Mirahmadi turned away from them in 2015 to try for his “dream […]

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