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Horses With Cushings May Benefit From Twice-Daily Medicating

Though owners of horses with Cushings disease are well-versed in medicating their animals with pergolide, a new study suggests that twice-daily dosing may be more effective than the once-a-day administration that is currently recommended. Cushings disease is one of the most-common endocrine disorders in horses and ponies. Generally affecting older animals, the consequences of not […]

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Study: Magnesium Doesn’t Mellow Horses As Originally Believed

Thought for years to have a calming effect on equines, magnesium may not be the miracle relaxer it has been touted to be. A new Australian study shows that the mineral may not slow reaction speed responses. These finding are contrary to a 2015 study using Standardbreds that showed magnesium aspartate to significantly reduce average […]

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