Drought In Australia Affecting Even Large Thoroughbred Farms

Drought conditions in Australia are affecting all livestock owners, including large Thoroughbred breeding farms, with an increased cost for hay and the potential for limited quality hay in the near future. Farms like Yarraman Stud and Arrowfield are considering or have implemented an additional fee on horse owners to cover the rising cost of quality […]

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Horses On Midwest Farms Positive For Influenza D Antibodies; No Danger To Humans

  Researchers at South Dakota State University have found antibodies against two strains of influenza D in the blood of two horses from the Midwest. The strain of flu found is not a threat right now, but more studies are needed, said professor Feng Li, who works in the Department of Biology and Microbiology. The […]

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Multispecies Grazing Helps Control Weeds In Pastures

As horses prefer tasty, lush grass to graze on, they can leave lots of vegetation behind in pastures that they feel is second-rate. Farm owners are sometimes at a loss as to how to control these weedy patches of pasture that are left behind. Cattle can be rotated behind pastures horses graze, or can even be grazed […]

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