CanGamble: ‘Statistics point to a dying game that needs to change’

Last week, when NYRA introduced Rodnell Workman as the organization’s new Chief Marketing Officer, board member Richard Aurelio stated that “The sport is dying. Everytime you look at the obituary page, you’re losing a fan.” That statement angered the Daily Racing Form’s Mike Watchmaker, who disagreed with the sentiment and responded in his column:  “To […]

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CanGamble: NYRA error could prove positive in the end

The blog CanGamble suggests NYRA’s oversight regarding exotic betting takeout over a 15-month period could actually be a positive turning point for the industry.  CanGamble’s theory – NYRA probably lost out overall because horseplayers used up their bankrolls more quickly, but horseplayers saw little individual financial loss: “So going forward, this faux pas by NYRA […]

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Three Chimneys presents Good News Friday: Three Years of Ray Paulick

A few weeks and three years ago, I chose to take a leap of faith and agreed to partner with a guy I didn’t know working in an industry that had about a half of one percent of my annual attention. The journey officially began three years ago yesterday. And it has been one of […]

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CanGamble: New Pimlico wager is absurd

In a new blog post, CanGamble goes off on a wager being added at Pimlico.  It’s called the Slider, and all you have to do to hit it is: Pick the winner of the first leg, hit the straight exacta in the second leg, hit the straight trifecta in the third leg and yes, pick […]

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CanGamble: Did TOC pull a fast one?

In a new blog post, CanGamble looks at what’s happening in Southern California between horsemen, the tracks, Santa Anita’s switch to dirt and the takeout increase: “It may not have been the intention of the Thoroughbred Owners Of California (the TOC) to have pulled a fast one on the California racetracks, but the consequences sure […]

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CanGamble: Crist gets it wrong

The blog, CanGamble, is none too pleased with Steven Crist’s attempt to “emphathize with horseplayers.”  CanGamble critiques Crist’s recent column about finding middle ground on the takeout issue, piece by piece.  He sums it up this way: “I don’t know what is going on with Horse Racing journalism these days. Yes, I understand that advertising […]

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CanGamble: The track puts on the show, and the show is gambling

Pro-horseplayer blog CanGamble weighed in on the current argument between horseplayers and horse owners as to who is more important to the sport. He makes the argument that because horseplayers lose $2.1 billion a year (based on blended takeout of 18% with rebates) and owners only lose $360 million, the horseplayer is by definition the […]

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