Horseplay is Serious Business For Babies

The opportunity for foals to run and play isn’t just a great way to burn off energy; play is essential for healthy bone development. New Zealand researchers Chris Rogers and Keren Dittmer of Massey University concluded that playing for foals not only immediately impacts bone, but it provides the framework for future response: Bone changes […]

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Turn ‘Em Out: Pastured Horses Maintain Fitness

New research shows that pastured horses can stay as fit as their counterparts that live in a stall follow an exercise regimen. Dr. Patricia M. Graham-Thiers and a research team from Virginia Intermont College used 16 horses in a 14-week study to determine if horses kept in a stall and exercised or those that lived […]

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Study: Bone-Related Swelling More Common Than Previously Believed

Researchers at the University of Exeter in England have discovered that a significant number of horses have abnormal swelling in the bone marrow of their leg bones, called bone marrow oedema-like abnormalities (BMOA). These horses also had localized increased bone density. Drs. Christine Heales, Ian Summers, Jonathan Fulford, Karen Knapp and Peter Winlove say further […]

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Giddy-Up: The World’s Rarest Skeleton Rides Again

An extinct South African zebra known as the quagga is the world’s rarest skeleton. Housed at the Grant Museum of Zoology at University College London, the significant skeleton has been without a hind leg since Word War II, but thanks to 3D printing technology, the quagga once again has four legs. To give the skeleton […]

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Adam: More Research Needed On Bisphosphante Effects

Bone is a very dynamic and metabolically active tissue. This metabolic activity supports a continual turnover of bone that is essential for its function of supporting the horse’s body through a wide range of activities. Exercise is an essential ingredient for the development of a robust skeleton through bone remodeling. Remarkably, bone is both strong […]

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30,000-Year-Old Horse Bone Found In British Columbia

A 30,000-year-old bone found around a gravel pit in British Columbia has been confirmed as being from an extinct species of horse. Shawn Bigfoot, a Prophet River First Nation member, said he was at first unsure of what his discovery actually was. His mother took it to the Treaty 8 Tribal Association to see if […]

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