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Triple Threat: Weight, Soreness And Previous Episodes Up Laminitis Risk

There are three factors that consistently put horses at risk for laminitis: Recent weight gain, soreness after routine farriery care and a previous history of laminitis. Dr. Danica Pollard conducted an online study of horse owners in Britain to determine the management factors that contributed to laminitis development. The study ran for 29 months; the […]

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Study Shows That Impact Injuries Early In Racing Career Make Osteoarthritis More Likely

Italian researchers have been monitoring joint deterioration in racehorses using biomarkers, and they suggest that proper treatment strategies can manage post-traumatic osteoarthritis, reports Horse Talk. Based at the University of Turin, researchers studied fetlock joint deterioration in Standardbred racehorses that had received impact injuries. Joint deterioration went from normal to end-stage osteoarthritis in four years. It was […]

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Antibiotics Shown To Significantly Alter Equine Gut Bacteria

Researchers at the University of Guelph in Canada have conducted and published a study showing the effects commonly used antibiotics have on the equine gastrointestinal system. Twenty-four adult mares were used in the study, with none of them having been on antibiotics within the six months prior to the study. The horses were separated into […]

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