New Monitoring System Keeps Eyes On Horses While Owners Can’t

Horseware Products, an Irish-based company, has partnered with Taoglas, an antenna and RF optimization company, to create a horse blanket that has an attachable electronic monitoring device. When connected to the Horsepal app, horse owners and caretakers can monitor a horse’s temperature to clue in to their health and comfort levels. The data is cloud-based, […]

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Racehorse Rescue Wins Big With Blanket Donation Program

To a rescued ex-racehorse, a warm winter blanket can be a matter of life or death. Just ask Kathryn (Kate) Papp, DVM, founder of PA Racehorse, Rehoming, Rehabilitation & Rescue (PARR), whose main facility is located in Harrisburg, PA. A 501(c)3 organization that rehabilitates, rehomes and supports Thoroughbreds after the end of their racing careers, […]

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How To Keep Horses Safe During Temperature Swings

In their natural state, horses are quite adaptable to large temperature swings. However, when humans alter their environment or move them from one climate to another, they could have difficulty handling diverse weather. When horses are allowed to adjust gradually to temperature changes, they rarely have issues, reports The Horse. It’s the rapid swings in […]

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Celebrity Designer Creates Fire-Resistant Blanket For Horses

A designer to celebrities like Hilary Duff and Serena Williams, LA-based Dalia MacPhee has created a fire-retardant blanket in an effort to help horses that may be affected by wildfires. In addition to keeping horses safe from superficial burns, the Equisafe Blanket can be purchased with a GPS tracker that will assist in locating the […]

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