Tricks To Keep Biting Flies At Bay

Though spring brings welcomed warmer temperatures and plenty of sunshine, with it comes the reemergence of flying insects, many of which can be a nuisance for horses. The bites from horse flies, house flies, black flies, bot flies, mosquitoes, midges, ticks and more can cause itching, lesions and other skin issues. Flies and other biting […]

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Self-Mutilation In Horses: A Violent Reaction To Pain?

Horses can exhibit some startling behaviors in which they harm themselves; these behaviors are dubbed “self-mutilation,” where the horse inflicts serious self-harm. These behaviors are most likely the result of nutritional factors or the domestic environment, Dr. Sue McDonnell reports in The Horse. Self-mutilation is uncontrollable violent behavior, which can include bucking, spinning in circles, […]

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Biting The Hand That Feeds You: Food Aggression In Horses

Feeding a horse that is food-aggressive can be scary: The horse quickly comes at the person with the food (or at another horse) with teeth bared, with what seems like no qualms about biting the hand the feeds him. Food aggression can be grouped into three broad categories: true aggression, learned food aggression and extreme […]

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