Study: Do Grazing Muzzles Cause Stress?

While horses and ponies wearing grazing muzzles may look a bit like Hannibal Lecter, the apparatus serves an essential purpose: Limiting an equine’s intake of grass so they don’t become obese and prone to the potential harmful ramifications being overweight brings. Grazing muzzles can reduce forage intake by between 30 and 83 percent, reports The […]

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Positive Diagnosis Of Equine Infectious Anemia In Idaho

A horse in Treasure Valley, Idaho, has been diagnosed with Equine infectious anemia (EIA), reports the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA). The horse had recently been transported from Washington state to Canyon County. EIA is typically spread between horses through biting insects like mosquitoes, but needles and other equipment contaminated by the blood of […]

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Group Therapy: Why Turnout Time Is Imperative For Equines

While turning a horse out with his friends in a pasture can make some owners anxious, it’s important for a horse’s physical and mental health. There are some management methods that can be used to ensure he is as safe as possible while turned out with a herd. Turnout is beneficial for horses because it […]

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Tell No Tales: Why Horses Swish Their Tails So Rapidly

Most people think the purpose of a horse’s tail is to keep bugs at bay — but it took a recent study from a mechanical engineer to understand how. David Hu, associate professor at Georgia Institute of Technology and graduate student Marguerite Matherne investigated the role of a horse’s tail to determine if horses use […]

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