atrial fibrillation

3D Mapping Of Atrial Fibrillation To Help Both Horses And Humans

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and the University of Adelaide in Australia are collaborating to learn about heart rhythm disorders in horses, including atrial fibrillation. The scientists are using 3D mapping to learn more about the disorder, which also occurs in humans. Though exercise is healthy, too much exercise can cause scar […]

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New Study Reinforces Notion That Thyroid Supplement May Endanger Fit Horses

Giving fit horses unnecessary thyroid supplements may cause cardiac arrhythmia, a new study shows. Some trainers give their racehorses Thyroxine to perk them up. The drug is more commonly used on horses that have insulin resistance or Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)—neither of which is found in fit racehorses. Dr. Janice E. Kritchevsky, with the Purdue […]

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Study Shows Thyroxine Harmful To Racing Performance, Equine Health

A study completed by Dr. Janice E. Kritchevsky at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine shows that the use of thyroxine as a supplement in racehorses can be detrimental to performance and cause cardiac arrhythmias. Kritchevsky noted that thyroid issues in horses are rare; bloodwork that shows thyroid hormone concentrations above the norm don’t necessarily […]

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Why An AFib Diagnosis Doesn’t Always Mean Early Retirement For Horses

As researchers spend more time studying cardiac function in horses, they’re learning more about how to diagnose common cardiac conditions like atrial fibrillation – but what does it mean if an equine athlete turns out to have the disorder? “If you listen to your horse with a stethoscope and your horse has atrial fibrillation (“AFib”), […]

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Equine AFib No Issue For Auburn Vets

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) in horses is a health threat just as it is in humans; however, it’s much harder to rectify in an animal so large. Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine recently completed their first-ever procedure to correct AFib in a horse, called TVEC (transvenous electrical cardioversion). Only a few vet schools in the […]

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Study Gives New Meaning To The Term ‘Heart Horse’

Horses, not rats or mice, may be good research models for cardiac deaths in human athletes, a new study shows. Dr. Kamalan Jeevaratnam, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, studied horses as a possible model for equine athletes because: Horses mimic humans in that they undergo a similar sequence of training, peak performance and […]

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Listen Closely: Heart Conditions In Horses Can Be Hard To Detect

If a racehorse suddenly seems to lose a step in training or takes longer than usual to recover from heavy exercise or racing, one of the last things a trainer or veterinarian might think to examine is his heart. Although pathological cardiac arrhythmias aren’t common in horses (the prevalence of atrial fibrillation, for example, is […]

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New Bolton Successfully Treats Clydesdale With Heart Disease

Leading the team of majestic Clydesdales is Windsor, a special member of the eight-horse team that pulls a historic wagon for the Hallamore Corporation. So when he wasn’t himself, not pulling his weight, backing out of the harness, farm manager Ned Niemiec worried about Windsor’s heart. Two other horses in the team had shown these […]

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